About Me

Automate. Consolidate. Eliminate.

Data Science & Procurement subject matter expert with 15 years of experience in operations, planning, project management and implementation for FMCG companies. Extensive knowledge in supply chain processes with a focus in procurement, operations and materials management paired with computer programming knowledge to create custom supply chain solutions. Evolving mindset for continuous improvement and leadership in a team environment with never-ending education on current analytics trends and technology. Master of complete end-to-end application design and implementation, with supply chain domain expertise to convert user requirements into engaging user experience.

My name is James, and I can code. Here’s the rundown on me:

  • 15 Years of experience in Supply Chain Management.
  • The last 10 of those years have been spent developing tools that save time and energy for my teams.
  • I am all about automation and improving the efficiency of an existing process.
  • Because my domain expertise lies in Supply Chain Management, I’ve catered countless tools to create value in this space.
  • I am the conductor of a symphony of code that takes control of completely automated processes that have saved thousands of hours. No manual manipulation required.
  • I am resourceful in using what’s available to me, and pride myself on never having to tell a customer that something is not possible – I’ve been referred to as the “MacGyver of Data”.
  • “Because this is the way we have always done it” is not something I accept – I am always looking for the most optimized solution while increasing the accuracy of what’s being done.
  • I am proficient in SAP, MS Suite and Manugistics, and can code all of them to work together in a seamless fashion.
  • I care about people. Seriously. I take people management very seriously, and the development of people around me is extremely important to me.
  • I have a passion for training, either in large sessions or small. This includes creating content as well as video media which I have been told that I am very good at putting together. This site is an extension of that passion, sharing knowledge is something I enjoy.
  • I am a life-long learner. There’s never a time where I am not taking a course or researching a new subject having to do with Data science or Supply Chain.

The above content is all about me professionally, but my life is not all about my career:

  • I’m a musician who can play a multitude of instruments. In fact, the first few years of my adult life were spent with a touring band.
  • My first path of higher education was for Audio and Electrical Engineering, followed by Business Education in Computer Information Systems.
  • I love to build things, take them apart, fix them, and put them back together.
  • I love cars, working on them and autocross racing – including my own 2016 Volkswagen GTI.
  • I am a HUGE comic book nerd.
  • I am a father to an amazing six year old boy and a husband to a beautiful wife.
  • I have a number of tattoos, including a half sleeve on my left arm.